Blog post about conservation efforts to support and protect parrots.

Support Parrot Conservation this holiday season

As a direct result of poaching, habitat destruction, and climate change, at least 42 species of parrots are currently endangered.

From Chile to Mauritius to Norfolk Island, conservationists are working night and day to reverse the damage our excessive consumerism has caused.

Meanwhile, ad men pour incomprehensible dollar amounts into convincing us the best way to show someone we love them is to buy them more stuff.

What if we started a new tradition this holiday season? One where we give back to mother earth and join conservationists to protect the only home we have?

The burden of responsibility falls on all of our shoulders to safeguard these remarkable birds and their habitats.

We can take part, and we should take part. Because a better world for parrots is a better world for all life.

The NAS continues to make significant strides in wildlife conservation through grassroots advocacy and policy reformation.

Learn to ID bird species using the Audubon Bird Guide App then become an Audubon Activist by joining your local chapter. Download the Audubon’s Campaign Advocacy Manual and lend your voice to the movement from town hall meetings to Capitol Hill.

Conservation Postage Stamps and Conservation Organizations to support
Conservation Postage Stamps and Conservation Organizations to support
In alliance with the Association of Avian Veterinarians, The Gabriel Foundation is raising the standard of care for parrot welfare organizations, rescues, and sanctuaries.

With over 500 parrots in their own, Colorado-based sanctuary, the foundation is facing the captive parrot crisis in America head-on. The Gabriel Foundation accepts donations through multiple formats. By sponsoring a bird you help them provide for the long and short-term needs of their flock.

Conservation Postage Stamps and Conservation Organizations to support
In La Moskitia, Honduras, One Earth Conservation fosters the largest community patrolled parrot project in the world, and has even rehabilitated poachers into protectors of the region’s indigenous scarlet macaws.

The organization is co-directed by the author of Conservation in the Time of War, LoraKim Joyner, an avian veterinarian who has worked in parrot conservation in Latin America for nearly 30 years. One Earth Conservation offers free, Introduction to Nature Nurturing courses, while tuition for their non-violent communication courses benefit the organization’s mission to heal and protect the people and parrots of Latin America. Click here to donate to One Earth Conservation. A $10 donation protects a nest for one day.

The ABC employs a strategic framework to wildlife conservation that focuses on sustainability, habitat management, and legislation.

There are a variety of ways to get involved with the ABC’s mission. If you’re unable to donate, you can take action by asking congress to increase funding for bird conservation or become a member of the Bird Conservation Alliance. The ABC will even teach you how to stop birds from crashing into your windows.

Conservation Postage Stamps and Conservation Organizations to support
Hatch is empowering local communities to protect biodiversity through hands-on approaches and innovative technology. They are also focused on nurturing future generations of conservationists with tools, training, and resources.

Hatch partners with BirdLife International to sustain nature conservation in the long term. A donation to Hatch is an investment in worldwide grassroots organizations, innovation capacity, and the future leaders of bird conservation.

Conservation Postage Stamps and Conservation Organizations to support
The WPT has brought together global wildlife conservation and welfare experts to implement effective programs to protect parrots. It has aided 70 species in 43 countries since its launch in 1989.

Through conservation, field research, awareness and education, campaigns, and the rehabilitation of parrots caught in the wild bird trade, the WPT is spearheading the fight to protect parrots. Your donations directly enable hands-on conservation actions, encourage wildlife law enforcement, and restore critical habitats.

Through the INP’s site and offsite actions, they are reducing the trapping, smuggling, transport, and sale of wild cockatoos with the collaboration of both government and NGOs.

Start by watching the Indonesian Parrot Project’s documentary, available here. The project is actively seeking contributions during COVID-19 with a goal of raising $5,000. A donation of $10 has the power to save five parrots from the wildlife trade. Talk about an incredible opportunity to make a huge difference.


Instead of giving gifts to mom and dad this holiday season, we’re donating 10% of sales from the Pushykin store to the Indonesian Parrot Project because we freaking love the cockies. With your purchase, you’ll be supporting a great cause and helping our artists get paid so that we can continue to raise funds for parrot conservation together.

Parrot Streetwear That Supports Conservation Efforts Saving Wildlife